Dalian COSCO QGI Project
Column:Comany News Time:2018-06-22
Work scope: Flange Mangement, Retro Jetting, Borescope Inspection, Equipment Thermal Shrinkage Protection

The construction was commenced on Jan 30, 2017 and deliveries are expected on September 30, 2018

Flange Management,Pipeline Retro-jetting, Borescope Inspection, the preservation of mechanical and/or electrical equipment to the total volume of 242m³ 

8865 joints completed for Flange Management.

768 pressure packets completed by Retro-jetting, 31666 meters by Hot Oil Flushing, 2275 cubic meters; 28965 meters and 18976 tubes.by Borescope examination. Heat shrink film protection for equipment 298 sets,altogether 480 cubic meters.